Service Level Agreement

In line with the directives of the Ministry of Interior to enhance the services it provides to its clients, and based on the Ministry's tasks and responsibilities that are in compatibility with the instructions of the Wise Leadership to spare no effort in serving the clients and residents of the Southern Governorate  as per the highest quality standards and as per the Bahrain Vision 2030, the Governorate is keen to provide electronic services through different channels, with the aim of facilitating and rapidly accomplishing beneficiaries requests  by utilising one of these systems and services on the e-Communication channels of the Southern Governorate.

محافظة الجنوب
Privacy and Confidentiality

The Southern Governorate shall be committed to maintain the confidentiality of all the beneficiaries’ information in all of the services it provides. The Governorate shall spare no effort to provide high-quality services to all the beneficiaries through this Service Level Agreement.

Service Criteria
Responsibilities of the Client

The role and responsibility of clients shall be highlighted through customer education and awareness programmes offered by the Strategic Planning and Project Management Department in the Governorate. The clients’ responsibilities include the following:

Criteria of Governmental Entities Electronic Services
Type or request Time expected to handle the request (Working days)
Inquiry service Immediately
Procedural service 7
Criteria of Tawasul’s Electronic Service
Type or request Time expected to handle the request (Working days)
Query 14
Complaint 14
Suggestion 14
Help and Support

In case of there being no response to the beneficiary as per the indicated timeframe, the beneficiary may communicate and raise the matter through e-mail on:

Alternatively, the customer can fill the customer complaint form QF/QP04/01 available in the Governorate’s building or on the website.

Customer Complaint Form