Services overview

محافظة الجنوب

Submit an Inquiry / Complaint

To ensure the swiftness of response, the Southern Governorate provides this service to facilitate communication with citizens and residents in line with its mission to fulfil the needs of people and to find convenient solutions to them in coordination and communication with the concerned authorities. This service comes in implantation of the governorates’ primary task of receiving complaints and inquiries from people in “service, security and social” areas.


Submitting a Proposal

This service enables citizens and residents to submit their constructive proposals in all areas (e.g., service, security, social) to boost all services, reinforce the principle of community partnership and realize the aspirations of people. The Southern Governorate works on considering these proposals and submitting them to the concerned authorities to be implemented.


Emergency Subsidies

Within the Southern Governorate’s efforts to reinforce the principle of community partnership and communication, this service allows citizens to benefit from the emergency subsidies in the event of house fires or rain-induced damages.


Request for Sponsorship Program

This service enables citizens and NGOs to apply for sponsorship of their programs from the Southern Governorate, besides mentioning the program’s idea, objective and participants. The programs must be related to “service, security, social” areas and within the framework of the Governorate’s work.