Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Welcome to the Southern Governorate website - the Ministry of Interior in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This term explains the website's privacy policy, and by visiting the Southern Governorate website, you agree to this privacy policy.


Personal Information

  • The Southern Governorate is keen on protecting the privacy of the user's personal information. The Southern Governorate may obtain personal data which the user provided on the website, (such as filling out a form via the website or sending an email), but this data and information will only be used for the purpose of completing the user's request for obtaining the service. Your data may be shared with the various concerned authorities in the Kingdom of Bahrain in case the request requires the coordination and following-up with another government entity, or for statistical purposes, and if it is requested by law.
  • This website is subject to the information security system, and the personal identification data of the user is only allowed to be viewed by authorized personnel.
  • The Southern Governorate does not bear any legal responsibility for any damage that the user may undergo due to a breach of the confidentiality of his personal data on the site, resulting from illegal attempts such as piracy and hacking.

Links Policy

  • Out of our concern to provide excellent services to the website users, website pages may include links to other websites. Whenever the website users navigate to any other websites through the current link, they are no longer bound by the security and protection provided by the website and are therefore, subjected to the privacy policies applied by these external sites. Therefore, the Governorate recommends the revision of the privacy policies of external links.


Website Security

  • The Southern Governorate uses special software to monitor the network traffic in order to identify any illegal attempts to tamper, sabotage, download, change, destroy or hack the website's information.
  • Any user’s illegal attempt to download or change the information on this website, or violate its security system, or perform unauthorized operations on the website is subject to legal accountability and is liable to punishment under the information security laws applied in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • If it is necessary to store the user's personal data on the website, the data storage process will be secured by using the latest information security technologies.

Change of privacy policy

  • The Southern Governorate manages the website and it has the right to change, delete, add to or modify the content of this policy whenever it wants to without the need for prior notice. Thus, please review the page constantly to ensure that you are regularly updated with these changes.