Customer Service Charter

The role of the Governorate is to supervise the implementation of the Kingdom's general policy and to follow up on projects within the Governorate that pertain to the Kingdom’s development plans. The Southern Governorate is committed to the continuous improvement in the quality of services provided to its clients. Moreover, it is keen to work on the basis of transparency in all of its transactions with the clients. All of this is important for the Governorate’s endeavours to achieve its vision and mission.

محافظة الجنوب

This charter aims to inform clients of the quality standards for the services we provide, in addition to the roles that are assigned to them, as follows:


The Governorate’s Philosophy

The philosophy of the Southern Governorate is based on the principle of communication, based on the concept of:

“Promoting the communication as an endeavour that is ever-sought by the Governorate .”

The Governorate’s Mission

To strive a secure and sustainable society and highlight the Southern Governorate nationally and globally.

The Governorate’s Vision

A safe, prosperous Governorate communicating with its people.

Our commitment to customer service

The Southern Governorate is committed to providing the highest level of quality in terms of the services provided to citizens and residents. All of the procedures are to be conducted through constantly updated work frameworks that are in accordance with international standards of the quality management system ISO 9001. This is done for the purpose of: