Questions & Answers

How can I contact one of the departments in the Southern Governorate?

All departments of the Southern Governorate welcome citizens and website visitors to communicate with it by clicking on the e-mail link or through the contact number of each department by Clicking Here

How can I submit a complaint, suggestion, or an opinion?

You can submit a complaint, suggestion or an opinion by Clicking Here

How can I find out about upcoming activities of the Governorate?

The Southern Governorate site provides a calendar of programmes and events, Clicking Here

What are the goals that fall under the Governorate’s strategy and vision?

The Southern Governorate has ten goals. You can see each of the goals and learn about what falls under them by Clicking Here

Where is the headquarters of the Southern Governorate?

The headquarters of the Southern Governorate is located in Awali. To find the location,

What are the main smart channels through which communication can be established with the Governorate?